Best Customer Relationship Management Software 2017

Date: September 6, 2016 Posted by: admin In: Business, Software

A good lead management software for small businesses is customer relationship management (CRM) which help you much to manage and foster your business by taking into account all the activities related to the business. CRM is software that is designed to meet the specifications for small businesses. Businesses can easily maintain good relationship with existing and new customers. Initially, CRM software had the capacity to manage simple management system but up to date it has developed complex features that enable you to manage integrated activities related to the business such as accounting, sales, vendors, marketing any other data that is operational in nature. Through sales pipeline, ClickHook enables you to tract your prospect customers and sustain them and also it is a simple tool of finding leads. Customer royalty is also kept by CRM through keeping any important information that promotes sales.

Although there are many lead management software for small businesses which can serve the same purpose, the capability of CRM is desirable. It is able to integrate all data from all the area related directly to your business without any other work involved. It does this automatically. When purchasing CRM software there are three factors to consider for your business.

The amount of money at your disposal and your willingness to pay.


Benefits of CRM software for your business

The features of the CRM that your business need such as ease of use and third party integration. There is a number of CRM software to choose from.



Salesforce is the most complex and advanced form of CRM software. It contains all the features of CRM. This software can also be used for large businesses but salesforce enable you to enjoy the tools that CRM uses for its products and at a cheap price convenient for small businesses. Salesforce is simple, that it meets the user needs during operation. Its dashboard is customizable, thus it is able to provide you with a wide range of information reports in which gives you a glue of information on how the business is performing and the future trends. The dashboard can be customized to provide all the information directly related to the business.



It is the best software for small businesses because it possesses only the basic features of CRM in which small businesses can utilize but when the business expand , it can be adjusted to fit required needs. Specifically, it can be adopted by small businesses for its affordability feature. Most CRM software is expensive but insightly comes the cheapest. The capabilities of CRM enables it properly manage time by use of project management, sales reports and contact management capabilities. Its convenience principle enables you to access data even with your mobile phone.


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides the best capabilities without taking into account price factor and it provides the basic features of the CRM. About ten users can be comfortably accommodated without any additional cost. With this CRM software, opportunities can be turned into sales by use of workflow automation, a set of tools, lead gathering, analytics and contact management. It can be used by at most ten employees. Zoho CRM is free software; therefore it is fit for startup businesses because it requires some of use thus reducing risk.

The reviews up to date from tested point of view reveals that the above described are the top CRM software. To evaluate the effectiveness of each the following criteria is used; simplicity, lead generation tools, customization options, employee-tracking capability, cost, contact management features, customer service, third party integration, service limitation service limitations and others depending on the specifications of your business.



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