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How to Manage Offshore Software Development

How to manage offshore software development projects is the main stumbling block of most software developer companies trying to outsource their business processes. With business process outsourcing becoming more and more the order for the day among companies seeking to reduce or stabilize costs, achieve greater efficiency, and remain competitive, a lot of software developer […]

World Class Software Development Services

The Chinese domestic market for software and other IT services is exploding. People’s Daily reports that in 1999 China’s software output value totaled RMB$18.2 Billion, an increase of 31% over the previous year. Last year software output valued to RMB$20 billion. Experts say China’s software output will increase to RMB$120 billion by 2004., and that […]

Software Vendors – Four Factors Assessing Vendor Health

Software vendors overall health must be a critical component within your software selection process. If the company that you purchase is not financially healthy, you run the risk of purchasing on a platform that may not be supported in the future. In addition, the company’s inability to generate cash flow from sales will reduce its […]

Software Quality – Seven Development Pitfalls

Software quality is becoming a very important issue with both packaged software and custom application development. In the past, new software features were the basic focus of software sales. Now, people are focused on software quality and reliability. Software quality can be improved by purchasers during the selection and implementation process if they focus on […]

Best Customer Relationship Management Software 2017

A good lead management software for small businesses is customer relationship management (CRM) which help you much to manage and foster your business by taking into account all the activities related to the business. CRM is software that is designed to meet the specifications for small businesses. Businesses can easily maintain good relationship with existing […]