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When one is considering a residential real estate investment, it is important to gather strong working knowledge BEFORE venturing into the marketpalce. Otherwise, the risk is easily in the 10’s of 1,000’s of $$$!

The Internet has millions of sites, 1000’s of them offer real estate information. Combined with print, tv and radio, and of course other self-professed real estate experts, for a residential real estate buyer things can get pretty confusing. Especially, when you add the fact, the residential real estate market changes every day from both indirect and direct influences, and its only natural a normal person like you would start to think….”What do I need to ignore, what do I need to watch, who should I talk to, who should I listen to….?”

At Dexter Properties we have over 150 years of successful residential real estate experience from which our customers can benefit. In addition, and despite their youth, Lauren and Paul have a rich experience in the real estate world and are committed to ensuring you are comfortable in every step of the selling or buying process.

Lauren and Paul offer each of their investing clients a strong knowledge base BEFORE moving into the market to search for and assess investing opportunities.  So much of what a wise property investor should know is in fact unwritten and unavailable to the non-Realtor. We are active in the marketplace everyday, and pride ourselves in keeping up with an ever-changing market.

Financing Strategy and Decision-making, Search Strategy and Tactics, Negotiation Strategy and Tactics, Post Contract Requirements, Contract Completion, Property Possession are all included in the rich knowledge Lauren and Paul ensure their clients have BEFORE risking a property search.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

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