How to Manage Offshore Software Development

Date: April 5, 2017 Posted by: admin In: Software, Software Companies

How to manage offshore software development projects is the main stumbling block of most software developer companies trying to outsource their business processes. With business process outsourcing becoming more and more the order for the day among companies seeking to reduce or stabilize costs, achieve greater efficiency, and remain competitive, a lot of software developer companies are discovering the unique cost effective benefit to them.

Outsourcing offers software developer companies opportunities to tap high caliber overseas talent at the fraction of the cost required to hire the same quality staff at home. Unfortunately outsourcing comes with a myriad of problems on how to manage offshore software development teams whose members speak different languages and follows unique working habits as influenced by their own cultures. We should not forget too that these overseas teams are there for the money and to exact loyalty from them much less keep them motivated is easily part of the many management issues companies have to faced when outsourcing software development projects.

All too often companies simply barge into off shoring software projects in much the same manner as they tackle projects at home. And in most cases, they fail in their undertakings. They never take time out to study the best ways to manage projects that are based overseas and the unique problems they entail. Often, they take the language barrier for granted and totally disregard some vital cultural barriers that could grossly affect productivity and efficiency.

Beyond the language and cultural barriers, companies will also have to learn how deal with incompetent vendors who often misrepresent their credentials and their software build up processes. In off shoring software, companies can ensure the success of every project if they implement the best practices on managing foreign based projects starting from the selection of talented people, to putting together a solid design, to creating a realistic project plan, to monitoring and validating implementation at every stage of the development process and finally doing the Alpha and Beta testing.

Companies must learn to tackle the assigned tasks with exceptional dedication and commitment to quality in all levels of the project. One of the crucial points you must pay a lot of attention to when putting together your management strategy for projects that are based in other countries is picking the right provider for the project. Do not pick just about any vendor. Instead, pick a partner.

Choose a vendor who will not be in just for the money but someone who can fill the shoes as a partner who will support you all the way and who has visions too for a longer term relationship. The success of any strategy on how to manage off shore software development depends as much on the caliber of the offshore vendor you pick as on the quality of working relationship you establish with them.

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